Quacky New Survival Game Lets You Shoot Guns As A Duck, & Its Beta Starts Soon



  • tinyBuild announces Duckside, a survival game with ducks, destruction, and resource gathering.
  • Players can sign up for Beta testing on Duckside’s Steam page.
  • Duckside’s unique selling point is the ability to wield weapons as a duck, from axes to guns.

Indie publisher tinyBuild announced a brand-new game called Duckside that mixes ducks, destruction, and survival. The game was announced on April 1, and despite its bizarre concept, is not an April Fool’s joke. tinyBuild is best known for its niche games like Hello Neighbor, a horror puzzle game, and Graveyard Keeper, a management Sim. This will be the publisher’s first foray into the survival genre, and is said to be a mix of popular survival games like DayZ and Rust.

Though Duckside‘s release date hasn’t been officially announced yet, potential players can sign up now on Duckside‘s Steam page for Beta testing, which will begin on April 18. In Duckside, players will assume the role of a duck and battle for survival while collecting the resources needed to build bases and ensure their safety from other players. Some of the features shown in the preview include building bases, dive-bombing enemies from up in the air, archery, resource gathering, and more. With a few videos available on Steam, players can get a sense of exactly what to expect from Duckside.

Duckside has a similar feeling to a lot of survival games currently on the market and has a resource collecting and building style that fans of the genre will likely adapt to quickly. Like DayZ, getting started in the game is likely to be one of the most difficult parts for players to master. This might also be a good way for players who are new to the genre to dip their toes in, since the world will be new to everyone and it can even the playing field. There isn’t any mention of whether the ducks will get hungry or thirsty, but they do show the progression of building items is going to be important. There are also different hats shown in the preview, which adds a different level of comedy to the entire game and makes it seem a little less serious than its survival genre counterparts.


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Become One With The Ducks & Fight For Survival In Duckside

A screenshot from Duckside, a white duck in a brown bucket hat watches a large explosion while another duck wearing a bullet proof vest and a green military cap run from the fire with its wings up.

The videos on the Steam page also provide a quick overview of the basics of survival, which include chopping down trees to get wood and using a pickaxe to get stone. For most players in the survival game genre, these are very basic things, so the part that sets Duckside apart from the other survival games will likely be the fact that players can wield weapons as a duck. The progression shows axe ducks, to archery ducks, and then finally to gun ducks. It also shows humans in the game, but aside from the casual mention of the “featherless,” they don’t explain what the role of the humans will be in this game.

Duckside will surely be an interesting addition to the survival genre. Since this is a brand-new announcement, there aren’t many details to go on about how long the Beta testing will be, or even about how much the game will cost when it eventually releases, but it will be interesting to see how the Beta testers react, starting April 18. With the amount of survival games that are available, it’s hard to say if Duckside will stand out above the rest, but playing as a gun-wielding duck is likely to grab some people’s attention.

Sources: tinyBuild/Steam, tinyBuildGAMES/YouTube

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