How to find and tame Pyromane in ARK Survival Ascended


Pyromane is a new fiery lynx mount you can find in Ark Survival Ascended. While its infernal appearance can be intimidating, taming a Pyromane is quite easy if you know the exact process. It is a hostile creature that requires some firepower to tame, but it also comes with a unique fire-related mechanic you must engage to master one.

In this guide, we briefly go over where you can find Pyromanes in ARK Survival Ascended (in maps where they are available), as well as the taming strategy that worked best for us.

Pyromane spawn locations: Where to find this creature in ARK Survival Ascended?

Pyromanes can be found around the Lava Island on The Center (Image via Studio Wildcard)
Pyromanes can be found around the Lava Island on The Center (Image via Studio Wildcard)

Pyromane is paywalled behind a $5 DLC purchase at the moment. It is the debutant creature of the ARK: Fantastic Tames series of paid content introduced with the release of ARK Survival Ascended: The Center.

Once you buy this DLC, Pyromane can be found on all ARK Survival Ascended maps other than The Island. On The Center, Pyromanes spawns are quite common on the Lava Island biome, an individual islet northeast of the map.

Particularly, it is best to look all over the coastlines of Lava Island, as a body of water is imperative to tame them. An example of a common spawn spot like this is lat 18, long 46.

To make locating a Pyromane easier, get a pair of binoculars and a flying tame. Here are five of the best flying tames in ARK Survival Ascended for the latter.

How to tame Pyromane in Ark Survival Ascended: KO Strategies

Once you get it down to a specific health threshold, Pyromanes can be mounted to tame (Image via Studio Wildcard)
Once you get it down to a specific health threshold, Pyromanes can be mounted to tame (Image via Studio Wildcard)

Taming a Pyromane is much easier than some of the more elaborate tames in ARK Survival Ascended. Here’s what you have to do is tame one:

  • Step 1: Once you locate the Pyromane, get into its aggro range and get it to follow you. It’s quite agile, so use one of the fastest land tames in ARK to comfortably kite it.
  • Step 2: The first goal is to drag it into the shore. Once a hostile wild Pyromane stands in the water, its flames fizzle out.
  • Step 3: At this point, shoot at it to get its health to roughly 50%. Higher-level Pyromane can be quite tanky, so we recommend you bring a good ranged weapon such as the Pump Shotgun. In this phase, you will need to tank a few hits from it, so you are advised to use a durable tame as a meat shield if your player stats are not high enough.
  • Step 4: Once you get it down to 50% health, check if you get the prompt to ride it by going near it. Press E to mount it.
  • Step 5: Once you’ve mounted the Pyromane, you have roughly 20 seconds to complete the next step. Find the closest land creature you see, and attack it till it is set aflame. A red indicator on your target will track your progress towards setting it on fire.
  • Step 6: Once the targeted creature is on fire, use the “Flame Absorb” ability (Ctrl + RMB is the default keybind on PC). This will progress the taming meter. Rinse and repeat the process from Step 2 until it is fully tamed.

All Pyromane abilities in Ark Survival Ascended

With some points in the Health and Melee Damage percentage stats, Pyromanes are mean killing machines. As you may have learned while taming a Pyromane in ARK Survival Ascended, their basic attacks deal high damage and set targets on fire. In addition to this, here are other abilities you can use on this creature:

  • Swap to Shoulder Pet (Ctrl + C): Pyromane is the first ARK Survival Ascended mount that can transform into a shoulder pet and vice versa.
  • Flame Absorb (Ctrl + RMB): Absorb the flame from surrounding targets that are on fire, filling up the Orange ability meter on your UI.
  • Flame Boost (Ctrl + LMB): Use the ability meter’s resource to boost your melee attack damage.
  • Flame Trail (Hold RMB): Leave a trail of fire in your wake.
  • Flame Leap (RMB): Momentarily shapeshift into a fireball and leap high into the air.

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