Terminator Survivors Announced for PS5, a Solo or Co-Op Survival Game


The open world survival game set in the Terminator universe has been revealed as Terminator Survivors. It is coming to PS5, and you can play the game either on your own or in co-op with friends. The game is set four years after the events of Judgment Day as “you emerge from a shelter to attempt and reestablish some semblance of society in a world that seems hell-bent on eliminating you and the last vestiges of mankind”. You can watch the announcement trailer above.

Your initial task will be to establish a base of operations, which is done by “scouring the surrounding land for materials, information, other survivors and key resources”. However, what makes doing that so much harder is the presence of Terminators also patrolling the wasteland. Through the game, you’ll learn more about the untold events of Judgment Day, meet famous characters, and grow a base that you and up to three friends can call home.

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