The Remarkable Tale of Matthew Reum


In a remarkable tale of resilience and the will to survive against all odds, Matthew Reum, a 27-year-old driver from Mishawaka, Indiana, was discovered trapped in his 2016 Dodge Ram pickup truck under a bridge in northern Indiana. The young man had survived six harrowing days with life-threatening injuries, managing to stay alive by drinking rainwater.

The Incident

On December 20, Reum’s truck veered off Interstate 94 ahead of a bridge over Salt Creek, rolling several times into a creek. The mangled truck was hidden from sight, making it impossible for passersby on the interstate to spot the wrecked vehicle or the injured driver. The cause of the crash remains unclear. Reum was pinned inside his truck with no access to food or water and was unable to reach his phone to call for help.

The Rescue

Reum’s ordeal came to an end when two fishermen, Mario Garcia and Nivardo Delatorre, stumbled upon the crash scene near Chesterton. They discovered the young driver trapped inside the wreckage of his vehicle. It took first responders over an hour to free Reum from the truck. He was then airlifted to Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana, with severe and potentially life-threatening injuries.

The Aftermath

Reum remained in critical condition at the South Bend hospital. His injuries may require surgeries, and the process of recovery will likely be long and arduous. Despite the tremendous hardship, Reum expressed gratitude towards his rescuers, acknowledging that he would not have survived another night in the freezing cold.

On a broader note, this incident once again highlights the importance of staying vigilant and prepared for any emergency. This includes having a means of communication at hand and knowing basic survival techniques. It also underscores the critical role that good Samaritans like Garcia and Delatorre can play in saving lives.

A Call to Action

In response to the incident and in support of Reum’s road to recovery, a GoFundMe account has been set up by Reum’s union. The campaign aims to help with medical bills and other expenses related to his recovery. The story of Matthew Reum is a testament to human resilience and the power of community support. It serves as a reminder to us all to look out for each other and lend a helping hand whenever possible.

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