Where To Find And Tame Therizinosaur In Ark: Survival Ascended


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If you’ve played Ark: Survival Ascended even for a little while, you’ve probably already noticed the unforgiving nature of Therizinosaurs roaming these lands. These Herbivore creatures are at peace with almost every dinosaur in the world including Carnivores, but they will attack any player or tamed dinosaur that comes near them.

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They’re faster than the player’s speed and can easily reduce your health to zero in a few attacks. Moreover, even if you’re riding a tamed dinosaur, these creatures can hit you on their back. The only way to deal with these creatures properly is by taming one for yourself.

How To Tame Therizinosaur

While you’re on a mission to tame a Therizinosaur, finding one won’t be the hard part. These creatures can be found almost everywhere other than the snow biome, redwoods, and the swamp. You’ll commonly find them roaming around the beaches and forest areas of Ark: Survival Ascended.

In fact, their common presence on The Island is what makes them so dangerous. You essentially have to watch every step you take because of these creatures since it’s almost guaranteed death unless you’re faster than them. Taming one of these creatures is also quite difficult, and the best approach is to make a trap for them.

Using structures to trap creatures can be quite hard in Ark: Survival Ascended since their AI is made to avoid them.

To create a trap for this creature, simply make four Stone Foundations, eight Walls, and four Ramps. Place the foundations on a flat area surrounded by seven window-type walls along with one door-type. This will give you a place to run out once you’ve successfully baited the creature inside. Finally, place the ramps on the side where the creature is located.

Once the trap is ready, get the Therizinosaur’s aggro and slowly run it on the ramp. You’ll have to be quite close to the creature if you want it to not avoid falling into the trap, so make sure you have a bunch of good armor to tank some hits. Once inside, you can simply Tranq the creature until it goes unconscious.

High-tier Kibble is the best food to tame a Therizinosaur, but you can also work with any type of crop.

Mejoberries and various other berries can also work, but the taming will be much slower.

Therizinosaur Uses In Ark: Survival Ascended

Ark Survival Ascended Wild Therizinosaur Smiling At Camera

Once tamed, Therizinosaur will be one of the most valuable creatures you’ll ever have. In fact, this creature essentially brings the game to easy difficulty if you tame it at the start. They have high health, decent weight, high stamina, and massive attack damage, which makes them great for combat scenarios.

However, their true nature shines when you’re trying to collect Fiber or Rare Flowers. You can use their alternate attack to get a ton of Fiber with one click and some Rare Flowers from the correct bushes as well. If you don’t have access to Mammoths or Castoroides, these creatures can also be used to farm Wood and Thatch.

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