Sengoku Dynasty is bringing the crafting survival to feudal Japan August 10


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The founding of the Ketsuyama Bakufu

Toplitz has announced Sengoku Dynasty, the Japan-centric follow-up to Render Cube’s 2021 survival crafting game, Medieval Dynasty.

Sengoku Dynasty is a bit of a cross between a typical survival game and a survival city builder like Banished. Considering how popular both genres have been in the market, it’s not surprising that they crossed eventually. Rather than just try to stay alive in the wilderness alone or with friends, you build up a settlement for NPCs and try to help them survive.

Medieval Dynasty first launched into Early Access in 2020, and was pretty janky at the time. Throughout its Early Access period and afterward, Render Cube worked with the community to sort out all the problems, and now it’s a bit of a beloved fixture.

Sengoku Dynasty transplants that gameplay to feudal Japan. It uses Unreal Engine 5 to replicate the Japanese countryside, offering mountains, cherry groves, and hot springs.

It’s looking pretty cool. I didn’t play Medieval Dynasty, because I always feel like these games are meant for being played with friends, and I don’t have those. That’s probably not the case for these games. Still, I think the injection of Sengoku-era Japan is just what I needed to grab my attention and get me over my insecurities. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

I don’t have to wait long, because Sengoku Dynasty launches into Steam Early Access on August 10, 2023.

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