The Survival of the Fittest Prototype is Available on Steam


ARK: The Survival of the Fittest, which first appeared in 2016, now has a prototype on Steam. Studio Wildcard gave the good news a while ago that the spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved is now available. The offer pits up to 60 combatants against each other in a fast-paced, action-packed struggle for survival. Players are ultimately pushed into an epic final showdown leading their Dinosaur Armies into battle. But players should not forget that this version is currently only a prototype to test the new gameplay and features. It is not yet a fully-featured competitive game. So, let’s deep dive into all the details of ARK: The Survival of the Fittest prototype.

ARK: The Survival of the Fittest Prototype Hits Steam

ARK: The Survival of the Fittest’ is a prototype spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved, pitting up to 60 combatants against each other in a fast-paced, action-packed struggle for survival, where players are ultimately pushed into an epic final showdown leading their Dinosaur Armies into battle. ARK TSOTF is the only Battle Royale focusing on large-scale creature-army confrontations, combined with a unique Real Time Strategy overlay. Using tactics and strategy to assemble a fighting force of history’s most powerful primeval creatures, only one tribe will survive!

Form your tribe and fight in the ultimate battle of Dino Survival! Designed for intense competition and fast-paced dino action, survivors begin their match in a TEK-imbued sky lobby to tribe up. When the battle begins, they’ll fly towards an island aboard a giant Quetzal before ejecting and gliding towards their chosen starting area. Do competitors dash for drops and fight it out? Do they run into the jungle and hide, search for creatures to tame, and rapidly build their Dino Army, or do they die to a pack of curious Compys? Make use of the birds-eye-view mode, which allows you to more effectively Command-&-Control your army of dinosaurs, directly possess individual upgradeable creatures, and issue commands to your team as the ultimate strategist. This unique RTS-style experience is available in life and also after death! Avoid the continually shrinking and dynamic “ring of death” that forces contestants ever closer together over time and become the last tribe standing. The hunt is on!

More Details About the Game

  • ARK was re-designed from the ground up, focusing on fast-paced gameplay and intense combat around large-scale creature battles
  • A whopping 88 dinosaurs and creatures at launch!
  • A simplified version of The Island from ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Solo and Tribe based game modes
  • Overhaul UI/UX Experience to communicate only what is essential and gamepad friendly.
  • Inventory Management has been completely removed for a simpler and quicker gameplay experience.
  • Looting-focused design – Harvesting has been removed and replaced with tier-based supply crates where items are rewarded to all members of your tribe or killing dinos for your own additional resources.
  • Weapons and armor have been modified and rebalanced for the ultimate fast pace experience and uncomplicated player progression.
  • New timing system: kill creatures for tokens and then spend those tokens on taming new wilds or stealing downed tames from your enemies!
  • Commander Mode. A birds-eye-view mode that can be entered at any time of the game, allowing you to control your army of dinosaurs (RTS style) more effectively, directly possess individual creatures within your arsenal, and issue commands to your team as the ultimate strategist (including an ally-driven fog of war). Thus after a player has died, they can still participate in the match as a commander and continue to control and possess the team’s Dinosaur – they can continue to play and benefit their team! A team is only fully defeated once they have had all their Players AND their Dinosaurs destroyed.
  • Dino Tier System – Dinos are rewarded for their kills with EXP to advance them to a new tier providing them with fixed statistical benefits and eliminating dino-level RNG.
  • Dynamic “ring of death” unique to each round enabling emergent gameplay and unpredictable advantages
  • An intelligent Pinging System to help communicate within teams
  • Custom-Painted “War Banners” enable Tribes to show off their team spirit on Flags across their army of Dinosaurs!
  • Summon bosses of the ARK to strengthen your arsenal in this ultimate Dino Army experience
  • A custom live-orchestrated soundtrack was written by award-winning composer Gareth Coker of Ori and the Blind Forest and ARK: The Animated Series.

ARK: The Survival of the Fittest is now available on Steam.

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