Christmas tree sales remain steady after busy pandemic boom


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) — The demand for Christmas trees in Wisconsin is remaining steady this holiday season after many tree farms ran out of stock within days during the pandemic.

“Sales this year are going quite well,” said Judy Summers, who co-owns Summers Christmas Tree Farm in Middleton with her husband Bill.

Summers said business is booming even after the pandemic rush when tree sales went through the roof.

While tree prices for real and artificial trees are increasing in price this year, Summers decided not to, despite inflation, rising production costs and limited supplies.

“I mean everyone is in the same boat, prices are high money as it is, but Bill just decided to stay at the same price we had last year.”

Summers’ farm offers more than just trees, they also have a Christmas shop that helps boost sales each year.

One challenge almost all tree sellers are facing this year is the size of trees. That’s because the six, seven-foot trees they were hoping to save and grow taller were cut down the last two years due to high demand.

“There’s just nothing you can do about this year,” Summers said. “It is what it is. You may not have a tall tree this year or you’ll have a shorter one, but every tree needs a home.”

At Jensen Tree in Verona, they anticipated a slow-down in tree sales, so they made plans to cut down fewer trees in hopes to get back on track after a busy pandemic boom.

“We don’t have as many trees we would like to have,” said Jacob Jensen. “We’ve taken steps here to mitigate that problem such as cutting off cut-your-own when we feel we’ve sold a number of trees we can.”

Experts advise people to shop early and be flexible this holiday season when searching for your perfect tree.

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