Drive To Survive Season 4 Review


Jess McFadyen is joined by Luke Smith to discuss the fourth season of Drive To Survive, having been given access to the series some time ago. The series is out now and keenly anticipated amongst Formula 1 fans.

Some of their highlights include Lewis Hamilton letting viewers into his Covid experience and worries about staying healthy. The 2021 rookies are all represented too, with Tsunoda, Schumacher and Mazepin given decent airtime. Once again there is an inflated sense of antagonism between some of the rivalries which does not please those looking for a ‘pure’ telling of the story.

The largest omission is the lack of Max Verstappen, the Formula 1 World Champion, who finally provided Drive To Survive a title fight. Max has said he doesn’t like the way some rivalries, such as the Norris vs Sainz in a previous series, are painted as more contentious than they really are. Without his direct involvement it’s left to Christian Horner to talk about the Red Bull perspective on the title fight.

The elephant in the room is the inclusion of Nikita Mazepin and discussions around Uralkali funding of the Haas team, given the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine and international sanctions against the Mazepin family.


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