Coronavirus latest updates: DeSantis’s battle against mask, vaccine mandates approaches boiling point in Florida


Here are some significant developments:

  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has also barred mask requirements in schools and declared his state “past the time of government mandates,” clashing with local Democratic leaders as a coronavirus surge pushes some hospitals to the brink again.
  • Federally funded community health centers have administered nearly 14 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, including about 9 million doses to minority patients, the Biden administration is set to announce Monday.
  • The variant battle in the United States is over. Delta won.
  • China will use tougher border controls to fend off the virus, Gao Qiang, the country’s former health chief, wrote in state media. Elsewhere in the country, at least 30 health and state officials in regions with high case numbers have been punished for their “slack response” to the crisis, the state-owned Global Times reported.
  • Countries are clamoring to incentivize people to get vaccinated. In Germany, officials are offering free sausages. In New Zealand, a vaccination music festival. In Hong Kong, the fully vaccinated can enter a raffle to win a free apartment.

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